Raw and Realistic Look at Abortion

Maeve’s Abortion Story

Maeve’s Abortion Story is a short scene taken from season two of Sex Education, a Netflix original series. This particular scene shows Maeve’s abortion story — as stated in the title, obviously — and her journey from the very start of the process to her discharge. Straight off the bat, I noticed the background music that they used. From the music only I had a feeling that this is going to be one hell of an emotional scene. I have a lot of expectations from the get-go to how Sex Education brings abortion to the table since they have done an amazing job bringing up important issues that need to be addressed and no surprise, they nailed every bit.

I love how the scene doesn’t fall into one of the two narratives that we always see everywhere pro-life or pro-choice. They show abortion as what it is, a conscious choice that a woman can make with her body and every single emotion and feeling that comes with it. The actresses did a wonderful job portraying the raw and realistic emotions that women have throughout the process. It’s messy, painful, emotional as heck, and everything they’re feeling is valid. We don’t see a proper representation of abortion on TV often. I think more than sparking a conversation about abortion, this scene is important to women who think about, in the process of, or have got an abortion to feel that they are not alone. In a wider scope, this also shows how safe and accessible abortion is. In contrast to other (well, more like most) countries where safe abortion has never been an option. I’m not gonna go too deep into pro-life and pro-choice here because this is going to be a very long essay… so let’s save the convo for another day, shall we?

Moving on, there’s one sentence that struck out to me most: “I have three kids and I feel way more guilty for the ones that I had than the ones that I chose not to. It's better not being a mom at all than being a bad one.” This line is so important in terms of people’s opinions on abortion. We as a society have to dive deep into every perspective of abortion, especially from the woman herself. It’s not about you, it’s not about us; it’s about them.

Unwanted pregnancy is traumatic, even more so traumatic for the children if they are not taken care of and loved properly. Abortion doesn’t mean a woman wants to kill her child, it just means she knows that she is not ready and capable to be a good mom. She doesn’t want to bring it out to the cruel, harsh world and abandon it in the horrible adoption system that we have. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, I strongly urge you to keep educating yourself, unlearn false narratives, listen and think critically of what other people have to say. Last but not least is the thing that seems the easiest but very difficult to actually do — be respectful.

Sex Education as a whole show succeeded in representing and sparking an important conversation about a lot (and by that I mean a LOT) of issues from sexuality, identity, romance, to gender — that is not discussed enough in our daily lives. It’s ironic that I got so much more sex education from a TV show than from our education system — but again, that’s a whole another topic we’d have to cover in another change. All in all, Sex Education is a wholesome show that challenges your views and entertains you at the same time and those are what make it worth every minute spent watching the series.

-written by Della (kru’20)-

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